Smilin’ Eyes

     SMILIN’ EYES              

resized smilin eyes

Smilin’ Eyes is NOT a GMO Variety.

Smilin’ Eyes was made from line selection of other varieties, the same way any other new potato variety is made.

Our Organic Grower for Smilin’ Eyes is Camas Organic, situated in Idaho.   The owner’s name is Don MacFarland and he will ship 50lb cartons anywhere in US or Canada. He supplies Smilin’ Eyes to an organic chain in Western USA with great success. Contact:

                       Don MacFarland     

                                                                       office: 208-734-0004

                                                                       cell:     208-731-6530

Smilin’ Eyes is a new variety from PVMI that has Yellow flesh and smiling splashes of pink on the eyes of the tubers.   Smilin’ Eyes tubers are high in anti-toxins.

Our first growing season on our farm with them revealed quite a few of their traits!

  • Emergence was extremely even and uniform.
  • Smilin’ Eyes plants have a beautiful, bright pink/purple blossoms that made the field look like a sea of clover. Many’s a car stopped for a photo op of these captivating fields!!
  • They have proven very resilient through this years hot and dry weather.  When our other varieties were dying down, Smilin’ Eyes were still green and healthy looking.
  • The root system digs deep into the drills for moisture and is a very strong system.
  • Having such a healthy top, we were worried that it might jeopardize the set numbers or the size of the crop, but this is not the case.  On an average plant there are 10 plus tubers under every top pulled and are sizing up quite nicely at times when they should.  So far hollow heart or malformed tubers have not been an issue.
  • While the Smilin’ Eyes seem to have the ability to hold their lush, green foliage in the dry summer conditions with their excellent root system, they also mature and ripen at a very satisfactory rate in the fall.  this made for a relatively quick kill down.
  • More information to follow, but this far scab has not been a big issue.  With such a dry and hot summer, scab has crept into many fields and attacked many varieties.  So far, the Smilin’ Eyes seem to have some resistance to scab.