What is known today as MacLean Farms Ltd started out in the early 1930’s with generation 1, Milton James MacLean. He started it all off by farming a mixture of cattle and sheep on 50 acres of the homestead farmland in West Devon.John, after leaving the farm for a few years for construction work, returned to working the land on his father’s farm doing what needed to be done to achieve the picture of the future that he had in his mind. He took over farm in 1965 from his fatHISTORYher, raising cattle and growing oats and hay on 50 acres of land. With his wife Lillian, they expanded their family to 7 children and also growing in acreage and cattle head. In 1990 a family decision was made to phase out the cattle and grow strictly potatoes on a barley/hay rotation growing the farm to 175 acres. Currently, 2 sons and a daughter, Dwayne, Glen and Mary Ellen, along with John and Lillian, are managing the farm and working with the crew, to grow 600 acres each year of potatoes, mainly for seed, with a rotation with rye grass and clover.


john John A MacLean – With a vast love of the land and farming and strong determination to provide for his family, present and future, built off the model image in his mind for his family farm dream.
Dwayne MacLean Dwayne MacLean – (eldest child of 7) Dwayne has been working on the farm full time since just after graduation from high school. He enjoys working the land with many different machines, with a special interest in cultivation and harvesting.
glen Glen MacLean – (4th born of 7) Glen has been working on the farm full time since graduation of high school. He enjoys many different aspects of farming with special interest in seed production as well as building and machinery maintenance.

On the western end of Canada’s smallest province, nestled between the Mary River and George River, surrounded by family and land, lies the homestead farm of present day MacLean Farms Ltd.